About Us

Hollandia International was founded in 1981 with 7 showrooms in the state of Israel Hollandia is a pioneer in the field of luxury and restorative sleep systems. Hollandia’s products incorporate years of knowledge, high-end materials from the leading companies in their fields such as Talalay latex for our mattresses and German motors by Hanning for our beds. Hollandia’s investment in R&D and collaborating with award winning designer Karim Rashid has made us world known for continuously winning prestigious award for design and innovation. Hollandia’s custom-made sleep systems offer our customers an array of high-end products which reflect a luxurious lifestyle. Hollandia’s sleep systems are distributed worldwide .

We are committed to support our community , Hollandia outreach program with ‘Enosh – the Israel mental health Association ‘   Our staff with Enosh together runs a variety of social rehabilitation Frameworks that enables the ill to live independently in our community.

Our Team

Isaac Barssessat

President and Founder


Mr. Barssessat, the Chairman of Hollandia, is responsible for the R&D, the ongoing improvement, general quality control of the company’s facilities and supervises the implementation of company’s broad initiatives.
Mr. Barssessat represents the company at the highest levels.

Avi Barssessat



Avi Barssessat, the leader and the driving force of the company, has led Hollandia’s national and international growth in the last 20 years.

Mr. Barssessat is one of the world specialists in design and use of sleep systems.

He personally tests all of Hollandia’s products at his home to insure that only top quality and prestigious products will bear the quality symbol of Hollandia.

As an internationally known business leader, Barssessat sets the national and international vision and the strategy of Hollandia.

Barssessat lectures about the subject of sleep worldwide and has a weekly radio spot about improving the quality of sleep.

Recently ,Avi has published his first book about sleep “The Slamber of kings” the book is published in Israel and translated to English too.

Rina Ben-Hamou



Rina Ben-Haumo works in Hollandia since the day it was founded and has filled many of the management positions in the company, IT, accounting, financial strategy management and managing the investments of the company.  

Gadi Alon

Stores chain ceo


Gadi, backed with experience in marketing and sales, began his service at HOLLANDIA in 2006 as the manager of the company’s Design Centre flag branch. After three years of managing the company’s service  division and incorporating expertise in sales and customer service, he has been appointed the network CEO.

Dikla Haronian

VP Human Resources


Dikla has started out in Hollandia at 2006 as the training manager and was responsible for the development and management of training. Later on she was appointed to be the Recruitment Manager and dealt with the development and management of recruitment and human resources. At 2012 she was promoted to VP Human Resources.
Dikla holds a BA in sociology.

Idan Katz

National Sales Manager


Idan started out in Hollandia at 2008 as the manager of the northern branch and led it with much success. Later on he was promoted to central region manager and in the last year to the national sales manager.
Idan holds a BA in Industrial Management.

Galit Buznach-Natis

Export Coordinator


Galit has started out in Hollandia at 2008 and is the export coordinator. She is also responsible for the international customer relations and the international customer service.
Galit has a rich past in international forwarding in various leading companies.

Vadim Spector

Eastern Europe Export Manager


Vadim has started out in Hollandia at 1998 and is responsible for the Eastern Europe Export.
Along the years Vadim was promoted following his experience and success and in his previous roles he was a store manager, training instructor and regional sales manager.

Ilan Amouyal

Export manager


Ilan has joined Hollandia as the export manager since January 2015 .
Ilan has started his career as a sales manager for a large retail furniture company In the united states of America , during his 14 years Ilan fulfilled various of management positions throughout his career.
Ilan has 17 years of retail- sales management experience & market development  in the united states & Israel  , Essential sales abilities and excellent  communications skills.