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Defying Gravity :

Hollandia is proud to introduce the award winning Gravity Zero line of products

Providing you with the world’s best adjustable angles for the perfect sleeping experience .

Pleasure & comfort :

Sleeping , watching tv, laptop , reading or having a quick snack in bed

Gravity Zero provide you with every angle possible to fit your comfort needs.

Massage motors with 12 different programs will help your muscles relax and combined with

Hollandia’s latex Talalay quality mattresses that will provide you with the perfect sleeping experience.

Quality :

As a company with highest standards  in the market today , Holladia uses the best material

Available for Assembling  our beds.

Occolon joints isolate the connection points between metals that will require zero

Maintenance  for years to come.

The advanced  2  Hanning’s   powerful yet extremely quiet  motors installed   are equipped with double insulation and an automatic circuit breaker to protect them against voltage drops and prevent magnetic flux. The motors pneumatic remote control is ergonomic, durable, with glow-in-the-dark buttons and operates by air pressure with safety wiring that keeps you and your children safe.

Design your own gravity zero bed :

You can choose your own Luxurious fabric in any fashionable tone you desire

To fit  your bedroom colors and personal taste.

Gravity Zero Design 

• A uniquely designed bed with a floating look and clean lines.
• The structure enables full access for a robotic vacuum cleaner or broom for a dust free sleeping environment and extremely high sleep quality.
• Elevation of the Back and legs to extremely high angles for watching TV, using the laptop, reading, relaxing and renewing the sense of vitality in the end of an active day.
• Telescopic neck support when elevating the back for reading and watching TV.
• Back sliding mechanism that allows you to stay close to the wall where the light source and the dresser are, to keep the watching distance from the TV and keep eye contact with your partner laying near you.
• 2 powerful, quick and quiet motors from Hanning Germany.
• Ergonomic, glow-in-the-dark, durable and safe to use pneumatic remote control.
• Additional options: a massage system for muscle relaxation, M.B.S for easy moving of the bed, an integrated safe and Total Safety System.
• Can be combined with a wide range of headboards.
• A variety of fabrics and colors for you to choose from.