Lyocell gold & Summer Quilt

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 Duvet  Lyocell Gold absorbs up to 130% more moisture than classic bedding products from Cotton . Lyocell  fyber is made from wood pulp from lyocell fiber fill is made also from fleece.

This gentle natural material is highly breathable and antibacterial .

Duvet is especially suitable for the summer

  • Unique moisture absorption
  • Gentle ,silky touch
  • Comfortable sleeping in the warm season

Surface material :
100% lyocell – extremely  soft and flowing  fabrics as satin, with excellent

Absorption and wicking moisture .

Filling Blanket :
Delicate lyocell fiber  filling in the form of fleeces – significantly increase the

Utility of the products , have unique characteristics moisture absorption.
Perlette summer quilt

  • Single size – 150 X 200 cm
  • Double size – 200 X 220 cm

Bedding PERLETTE is thin summer duvet with anti aging effect due to natural nutrients  and antioxidant enzymes in the pearl providing smooth and elastic skin and certain repair function against the influence of ultra violet radiation.

Pearl fibre is characterized by its skin nourishing and anti ultraviolet functions.

Lyocell fill is made also in the form of fleeces.

  • Thin summer duvet with excellent absorbency
  • Anti aging effect
  • Pearl enzymes providing smooth and elastic skin
  • Natural Lyocel fill

Surface material :

10% palette , 90% cotton- the smooth and luxurious velvet touch guarantees

Excellent softness and comfortableness  for the finish product